The Law Offices of John Ferrara

Criminal Defense And Family Law Attorney In Sullivan County

From law offices in Monticello, The Law Offices of John Ferrara serves clients in need of family law and criminal law representation throughout Sullivan County and beyond, addressing legal matters such as:

  • Divorce, property division, spousal support, child custody, child support and prenuptial agreements
  • Misdemeanor and felony criminal cases involving domestic violence, assault, theft, driving while intoxicated/driving under the influence (DWI/DUI) and traffic violations
  • Traffic matters
  • Trials and Appeals.

An experienced New York family law or criminal law attorney at The Law…


Client Testimonials

  • "John Ferrara represented my husband and me in a family court matter. He returned every call and email. He met with us numerous times to review our case, explain things to us and guide us in making decisions. His thoroughness..."

  • "I contacted Mr. Ferrara after having been brought to court three times in four years by my ex. From the initial consultation, it was clear that I was dealing with a consummate professional. Mr. Ferrara took the time to truly..."

  • "Mr. Ferrara was ALWAYS a fair, professional, respectful, knowledgeable and compassionate attorney. Due to the nature of my case, Mr. Ferrera and I worked together for many years. He is well-versed I the family law. I always..."


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