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Divorce And Family Law Attorney In Sullivan County

From law offices in Monticello, The Law Offices of John Ferrara serves clients in need of family law and criminal law representation throughout Sullivan County and beyond, addressing legal matters such as:

  • Divorce, property division, spousal support, child custody, child support and prenuptial agreements
  • Misdemeanor and felony criminal cases involving domestic violence, assault, theft, driving while intoxicated/driving under the influence (DWI/DUI) and traffic violations
  • Wills, probate and guardianship

The Long View Is The Most Essential Perspective

If John Ferrara represents you, your immediate legal needs will receive focused attention.

You may have immediate legal concerns that demand action.

  • During a time of marital breakdown, you may need help right away obtaining a support order, a restraining order or release from a restraining order.
  • After a DWI/DUI arrest, you are naturally concerned about keeping your driving privileges.

At the same time, you need strategies that will move you toward your long-term objectives such as:

  • Equitable property division in a divorce
  • Preservation of your parental rights and parent-child relationships through reasonable child custody and visitation arrangements
  • In the criminal aspect of a DWI case: preservation of your clean record and avoidance of jail time, excessive fines and other punitive outcomes

An experienced New York family law or criminal law attorney at The Law Offices of John Ferrara can advise and assist you in the most urgent matters while working toward your long-term best interests.

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Every case begins with an in-depth initial consultation. Bring facts, documents and articulated priorities to our attention and learn how we can help starting right away. Call (845) 794-1303 toll free or send an email for a prompt response. Our lawyer looks forward to evaluating your legal matter and recommending the steps needed to pursue the goals you seek.

Accomplished, Established Law Firm

Clients of The Law Offices of John Ferrara in Monticello can expect to receive value for their investments. The firm works tirelessly in support of favorable outcomes in the face of clients’ difficult circumstances. In settlement negotiations, DMV administrative hearings, family court or the Supreme Court, the firm advocates zealously for each client, in each family law and criminal defense case.

Learn About The Dedicated Lawyer At The Law Offices of John Ferrara

Lawyer John Ferrara has a great deal of experience advising and advocating for people of all walks of life. With decades of aggressive trial experience, John Ferrara is ready to be your strong advocate. Whatever your circumstances, when The Law Offices of John Ferrara is your law firm, you can count on level-headed advice and purposeful guidance.

John Ferrara’s receipt of the 2013 New York State Bar Association Attorney Professionalism Award accurately reflects the underlying principles of The Law Offices of John Ferrara. This award is given each year to a New York attorney who “embodies courtesy, integrity and professionalism.”

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Potential clients are welcome to contact the firm by phone at (845) 794-1303 or by email through this website. Schedule an initial consultation and preliminary case review at your earliest convenience.

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