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Client Testimonials

“Mr. Ferrara was exceptional in all aspects of how the case was handled. His services were truly a blessing. I am very satisfied by Mr. Ferrara’s representation of my case, he was able to bring everything to a wonderfully satisfying close.”

Stephen K.

“Mr. Ferrara is an excellent very straightforward attorney and always responded in a timely manner. He always answered any questions or found the solution to any problem.”

Selvi K.

“Although my experience with John Ferrara was brief, it was a very professional, and personal experience. I won’t get into specifics about my specific situation, but if you need a lawyer that cares and will do what it takes, has the experience and knowledge to see it through, there’s only one lawyer you should be calling. It doesn’t matter what you did or where you are going, Mr. Ferrara seeks the best possible outcome, regardless of the circumstances. After hiring John Ferrara, in less than two months, him and the DA came to a resolution that I was more than satisfied with, honestly, I was quite thrilled. One that could never have been secured without his involvement.”

Steve T.

“Mr. Ferrara gave me good advice and I felt as though I was able to get justice by using him.”

Kenneth R.

“Yes, he gave me excellent advice about handling a traffic violation which could have resulted in my license being suspended. I would highly recommend John.”

Sarah D.

“Mr. John Ferrara is the choice to make. Treated me with respect handled my case quickly and got it done. There is no other decision. Already recommended him to a friend!”

Bruce A.

“Yes very good. Excellent.”

Megan P.

“After speaking with Mr. Ferrara, I had no doubt that I had a very good attorney in my corner. My mind was put at ease knowing that my case was being handled by an attorney with knowledge, honesty and expertise. My experience was a very positive one. He was honest, explained the pros of cons and although I was nervous. He put my mind at ease. I and my family appreciate Mr. Ferrara immensely. Thank you. You got me home!”

Octavia H.

“Yes, I knew I had someone who had my back, someone who looked out for my best interest. Thank you! I would highly recommend hiring the services of Mr. John Ferrara, I’m glad I chose him to represent me on my case, good luck!”

Edward M.

“I was treated respectfully and received prompt responses to any questions I had. I would John to anyone needing a family law attorney. I would highly recommend his services.”

Caleb H.

“Mr. Ferrara treated me with respect and swiftly took care of my simple traffic infraction, I look forward to hiring John in the future. Mr. Ferrara has earned my business and as a result of that I already do recommend his services to friends and family.”

Zachary J.

“Before I hired attorney John Ferrara I was in Touch with Few lawyers in Monticello nobody was so knowledgeable and so nice and took care of my case professionalism friendship and the outcome is the best way a client Can Wish Thank you very much For your excellent services.”


“He treated me with respect and he did keep me up to date on the case and absolutely I felt I made the right decision to hire him. My experience was great he did excellent with my case.”

David R.

“I am treated with respect and I’m glad I have John Ferrara as my lawyer I am always kept up to date with everything an I’m very comfortable with everything he has done! I love my lawyer! He is truly great at what he does his interest is only in the best intentions of me and I’m so very thankful!”

Christa S.

“John treated me with respect. If i had any questions or concerns he got back to me very quickly and answered all my questions. It was a very good experience and I would recommend him to anybody.”

Christina P.

“Completely professional, very intelligent with regular updates and a calming demeanor.”

Dan K.

“Treated me great no complaints at all best attorney I’ve had kept me up to date stayed in touch with me through it all will definitely use him again in any future cases. One of the best very happy with his services.”

Mihaly L.

“I was treated with respect and you kept my best interest at hand instead just trying to collect a fee and move on. Excellent lawyer would definitely recommend a friend.”

Joseph R.

“Mr. John Ferrara was very helpful.”

Ahmed M.

“Phones call were returned promptly. Have recommended him in the past to others and will continue to do so in the future. Good, no complaints.”

Diane L.


Marisa E.

“John is a true professional. First Class. Outstanding.”

Peter H.

“Treated us with respect and kept us up to date. Yes we made a good decision hiring. John is extremely competent and knowledgeable. He doesn’t sugar coat or just tell you what you want to hear. He shares his experience and knowledge with you so you can make your best educated decision regarding your case.”

Johnn B.

“Excellent! Professional in the best interest of his client.”

Heidi F.

“He was absolutely wonderful. He always kept me informed of everything that was going on in my case. I was very comfortable with him handling my case. I believe he gave me the best of his ability. I would certainly hire him again, as well as suggest him to anyone looking for an attorney. He was absolutely the best I could ask for. Thank you! With confidence I would tell anyone “John Ferrara is the one to hire!”

Tina T.

“I was treated with respect and was kept up to date on my cases. I am very comfortable with John and have used his services since 1996. I highly recommend John to anyone who should find themselves in need of legal representation.”

Michael S.

“As a court appointed lawyer I felt as somewhat “just a number” however as time went on we had a better relationship and he was very helpful. Intimidating at first but nice.”

Tanise C.

“Mr. Ferrara was referred to me by a friend. From our first meeting, Mr. Ferrara made myself and my husband feel confident in a positive outcome to our situation. He responded prompt to every call and email. He always took the time to explain a matter and guide us in making a decision. He always made us feel comfortable and confident. It was the absolute best decision to hire John Ferrara. I have told many friends and family what a great experience it was to be represented by Mr. Ferrara. The outcome of our case speaks to the effort and thoroughness of Mr. Ferrara.”

Jacqueline B.

“I was very fortunate to have Mr. Ferrara represent me in court. He is very professional and always treated with the utmost respect. He kept me updated constantly as the case proceed, I never had to call him to find out where things stood. I couldn’t be more pleased with his handling of my case and would seek his help if ever needed in the future. I thought that Mr. Ferrara provided excellent representation and advice. I would encourage my family and friends to hire Mr. Ferrara if they were in need of a lawyer.”

Richard M.

“During both times I used his services, he was honest regarding my situation, followed my wishes and made sure I was protected then and in the future in the paperwork he filed for me. He deals with the situation with brunt honestly and does his best to get the job done in a timely manner. Good lawyer to call if you need one.”

Marion N.

“I am certain that I made a good decision to hire John Ferrara. I have used him 3 separate times. The reason I continue to counsel with him is because I feel he gives me sound advice and treats me and my experience with respect. I would describe John Ferrara as being respectful, knowledge and that he pays attention to the important details of each case.”

Bethany E.

“Having to go to court is never a pleasant experience. At least with Mr. Ferrara I felt at ease that I would get the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend the law offices of John Ferrara.”

Diana H.

“More than I ever expected, very efficient, in close contact, did research, best attorney I’ve ever had. Top notch, very hard working, the best, worth every penny, very dedicated.”

Joe J.

“One excellent lawyer. I would recommend to anyone. Very professional and upfront and honest.”

Robert C.

“He was excellent and would hire and recommend him to anyone who needs a great lawyer. Excellent.”

Patricia R.

“Mr. Ferrara is a Reputable and Respected Lawyer. He is an asset to Sullivan co. If You Want To Win, Retain Him.”

Michael J.


Tiffany H.

“Mr. Ferrera was always professional, respectful, knowledgeable and hard working. I would highly recommend Mr. Ferrera as a family law attorney.”

Christine B.


Kaitlynstarr C.

“Great I’ve recommended him to others. Accident attorney have no complaints about what he did hate the family Court judge.”

Timothy A.

“He treated me fairly. I was treated with respect. He was always honest with me. It was a good decision to hire John Ferrara. I had a positive experience.”

Jonathan R.

“Mr. Ferrara was very professional and practical. I was very comfortable with how I was kept informed of my case and I am glad that I selected Mr. Ferrara as my attorney in this matter. I would say that Mr. Ferrara was thorough and practical in explaining the case and the options to proceed. He was complete in his work while being prudent with time spent on the case. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Ferrara.”

Wallace P.

“Yes, Attorney John Ferrara treated me with respect, kept me up to date and I felt comfortable that I made the right decision to hire Attorney John Ferrara. I felt that Attorney John Ferrara represented my best interests during the entire process. He provided me with options and alternatives, when available and guided me through the entire process.”

Ray G.

“I was treated with respect. John is very knowledgeable. Explained all options to me. I felt very comfortable with his advice and would highly recommend him. Any court proceedings are scary. John’s knowledge of the law, straightforwardness, and prompt responses to my questions was a comfort. I also have to say it was really nice to call him and he would personally answer the phone. Again, I would highly recommend him.”

Steven B.

“John Ferrara did an amazing job I can’t thank him enough for his services, he is an amazing lawyer. He does amazing work and takes the time to meet with you, makes sure you have everything you need and fights to make sure you get the best.”

Nicholas D.

“Mr. Ferrara treated me with respect. He was very kind and did not sugar coat things. He kept me updated on everything. Mr. Ferrara was the best decision ever made. Mr. Ferrara was great to me he is the best attorney and I would tell everyone he is the best.”

Kimberly T.

“John treated me honestly, looked out for my best interests, and was extremely professional. Was always kept informed of the most important issues and helped me navigate difficult situations for many years. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to my friends or family members.”

Kevin V.

“Outstanding first class representation”

Sunshine A.

“The very best law firm you could have, very diligent, very knowledgeable, very hard working.”

Joe J.

“John and his firm were a pleasure to work with. John is an exceptional attorney and I would highly recommend him and his firm. Pat”

Pat R.

“I hired Mr. Ferrara for a family law case. I found him to be very knowledgeable and he explained the case and options to proceed in a very practical manner. He was thorough and efficient in the use of his time on the case. I am very satisfied with Mr. Ferrara’s services and would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Wallace P.

“I recently needed a lawyer to handle a court appearance. I met with Mr. Ferrara and found him to be very attentive and always treated me with respect. I couldn’t have asked for better representation in my case. He is extremely professional and I would recommend him to my family and friends if they needed a lawyer.”

Richard M.

“John Ferrara is a trustworthy lawyer. He is always respectful of my situation and focuses on the important details while providing sound advice that is grounded in the principles of law. I have used him as counsel periodically and presently to represent me over the past 7 years.”

Bethany E.

“Me and my husband hired John last year to represent us and he was very respectful and professional. You could call him on his cell phone email him he always got back to you right away with any questions or concerns that you had. I must say he did have a different approach where he stayed calm and a lot of times he would just say you have to trust me we’re going to do this or we’re going to do that and I must say his approach really worked he knows what he’s doing and he help me win my case. Most lawyers go into the court room and they’re very aggressive they have a big bark but that’s it. John is the very opposite he’s very calm and states the facts and really gets things done. I would highly recommend him to anybody!”

Christina P.

The best hands down!

“My lawyer is simply the best! I’m so very glad he Is my lawyer! He is trying his best to help me and so far it’s good but my lawyer busts his butt to make sure I get my kids back! He is amazing HANDS DOWN! THANK YOU, MR.FERRARA!!!”


Best Choice

“John Ferrara represented my husband and me in a family court matter. He returned every call and email. He met with us numerous times to review our case, explain things to us and guide us in making decisions. His thoroughness was above and beyond anything we expected. He was compassionate to our situation. Our case ended with a court decision in our favor. All thanks to John Ferrara.”



“I contacted Mr. Ferrara after having been brought to court three times in four years by my ex. From the initial consultation, it was clear that I was dealing with a consummate professional. Mr. Ferrara took the time to truly understand the situation and was very clear at every step what he was doing on my behalf. Communication was always clear and there was never a time when I wasn’t able to contact him. His response time was always quick. He is well versed in Family Law and that is apparent in the documents he filed on my behalf. I highly recommend him.”


John Ferrara-Family Law
“Mr. Ferrara was ALWAYS a fair, professional, respectful, knowledgeable and compassionate attorney. Due to the nature of my case, Mr. Ferrara and I worked together for many years. He is well-versed In the family law. I always appreciated his honesty. Even when I did not like the information he had to present to me, I was always better off knowing the facts he provided. He is thorough, intelligent and hard working. He is a credit to his field. It is without hesitation and my pleasure to recommend him as a family law attorney.”


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