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Does Hiring an Attorney Make me Look Guilty in Court?

  1. The prosecutor is a lawyer.
  2. The state has vast resources.
  3. The laws are complex and contain many pitfalls that can prevent a case from being heard on the merits.
  4. The punishments can be extreme.
  5. And by representing oneself, one can make numerous unintentional self-incriminating statements.
  6. Hiring a lawyer when facing any criminal charge merely recognizes the reality that any other choice is extremely dangerous.

Can I Just Handle An Assault Case On My Own If I Tell The Truth?

  1. An ethical lawyer will not tell you to lie.
  2. And it may be that the truth is synonymous with innocence.
  3. Let’s assume you are unquestionably innocent.
  4. When is the best time to tell this truth? It may not be at the beginning of the case before the prosecution discloses physical evidence such as medical records, photographs or, as is increasingly common, videotapes. One misstatement – – I used my left hand when the video shows it was the right hand – – may turn an innocent mistake into a story that is disbelieved and one more step toward conviction.
  5. Further, how one tells the truth matters. A truthful story told in a confusing manner is not effective. Remember, most cases that are litigated are about two stories, each of which claims to be the truth. The story told more persuasively – – not necessarily the story that is told more truthfully – – is the one that usually prevails. If you are going to tell your story, I want it to be truthful. But that may not be enough. It also needs to be told well so that the judge or the jury can follow it and embrace it as what they believe truly happened.

Why Should I Hire Your Firm To Represent Me In An Assault Case?

  1. I have been doing this for over thirty years now.
  2. I have done an excellent job in some cases. I have made mistakes on others.
  3. I have crossed swords with many prosecutors and many judges.
  4. While this all helps, this does not distinguish me from many other lawyers who have lasted in this competitive business a long time.
  5. I do not stop thinking about a case when the file closes.
  6. I think about what went right and what went wrong after each case. I always want to improve.
  7. I also try never to forget the very first lesson I learned in law school.
  8. We can examine each case as about laws, procedures and rules. Or we can examine them about human lives, human lives sometimes lost, sometimes damaged, and sometimes saved. You do not become my friend because you hire me. But you – – not just your case – – but you are important if you entrust me to represent you.

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