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How Can I Find Out Where A Loved One Has Been Taken After An Arrest?

This is not always so easy. If one knows what police agency arrested the defendant, it will be much easier to track down the defendant. If not, one must call each possible arresting agency and asking. There is no central clearing house.

Should I Call An Attorney Immediately?

Yes. That lawyer, if hired, can enter an appearance and request to speak with his client and that all questioning cease. “A suspect’s right to counsel can also attach before an action is **11 commenced when a person in custody requests to speak to an attorney or when an attorney who is retained to represent the suspect enters the matter under investigation.” (People v. Grice, 100 N.Y.2d 318 [2003]). As to finding a qualified attorney, one needs to interview the lawyer. Anyone who promises a result is not qualified. Beyond making promises no one can make, you need to hear the lawyer’s plan of action. Use your own common sense. Can that work? Do not discount a plan that mitigates the damage. This may be very realistic, but again, can it work?

If the plan requires the client to do things – treatment for example – is the client likely to do this? In the end, you have to decide:

(1) if the lawyer seems to understand the problem;

(2) has a plan to overcome or mitigate the problem; and

(3) you and the client feel confident in the lawyer.

This is work and it may not happen right away. But it is really the only answer I can give.

Can An Attorney Help My Family Member Or Friend Get Out Of Jail Right Away?

Yes. The lawyer will need to find the District Attorney and the judge, or arrange for a time to be heard on the question of bail. But an attorney can do this more easily than can an individual.

Can My Friend Or Family Member Hire Someone Else If They Are Not Satisfied With The Services Of The Attorney I Hired For Them?

Absolutely. Public policy recognizes a client’s right to terminate an attorney-client relationship at any time with or without cause. (Matter of Cooperman, 83 N.Y.2d 465 [1994]).

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