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What Things Should I Prepare For Before The Divorce Is Final?

Yes, you will need to have health insurance in place by the time the divorce is final. One also has to make sure the recurring bills are sent to the appropriate spouse. We need to make sure all accounts and credit cards are divided. One does not want to learn that MasterCard still considers you liable for the post-divorce charges made by your ex-spouse.

Should I Have My Pension And My Spouse’s Pension Appraised Before I See An Attorney?

It may be wise and necessary to appraise the pension(s). But I do not see the advantage of doing so before meeting with the lawyer. Most lawyers have firms they work with, and in the event, the case does not settle, the lawyer needs to know the appraiser will be available to testify in court. Also, it may not be necessary to appraise a pension if the parties will divide their interests in the pension using a qualified domestic relations order of a domestic relations order.

What Are Some Ways I Can Deal With The Emotional Strain Of My Case? Should I See A Therapist?

Every person deals with strain differently. I strongly advise against dealing with the strain of a divorce with alcohol. Many of my divorce clients become my DWI clients. Try to avoid this fate. A pending DWI will not help one win a custody dispute.

If meditation or yoga work for you, then make sure you fit that into your normal schedule. If a long swim clears your head, then find a pool or a lake and have at it. If writing clears your mind then try that novel.

If you need a therapist, then find a good one and work with that person. I will not say therapy can never hurt you because it can. Yes, in a custody case things you tell your therapist may be discoverable, so if you tell your therapist you feel homicidal, we may have a problem. But I generally think that if you need therapy and you are getting therapy, the judge will conclude whatever anxiety you have will not be an issue in your case, because you are addressing your need.

Should I Take My Children To A Therapist While Going Through A Divorce? Do I Need My Spouse’s Permission?

Most judges do not want one spouse going through a divorce or custody dispute making a unilateral decision on this point. Absent a very strong reason for making a unilateral decision, I would like either the consent of the other spouse or an order of the court.

When Is It Worth It Or Necessary To Use Experts Such As Forensic Accountants, Certain Family/Child Therapists?

It is probably necessary to use a forensic accountant when the other spouse runs a small business and he or she controls the books. It is just too easy to hide income.

As to family/child therapists, this will turn on the issues in the case. We really are going to need a discussion about the issues and the costs so that you make an informed decision and use your resources wisely.

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